Cisco meeting server drops from Skype for business after 90 minutes [SOLVED!]

If you have integrated Cisco Meeting Server / Acano with Skype for Business you might experience that all the non Skype4B endpoints disconnects from the meeting after 90 minutes.
The participants joining from Skype4B clients will still be in the meeting.
Now this is solved.

Backup script for Cisco meeting Server (former Acano)

If you want to run a scheduled backup of your CMS servers I made a short script for this.
This is run as a batch-file in a scheduled task in windows.

Using Windows Powershell to Accsess Cisco Meeting Server Rest-API

Using google Postman to access Cisco Meeting Server Rest-API is the most common way to configure the server.
But it can be time consuming with lot's of cut and paste of ID's and such.

So I though I'd try to acess the CMS api via powershell.
It was actually surprisingly simple.

First I found a function to ignore self signed certificates.

function Ignore-SelfSignedCerts
        Write-Host "Adding TrustAllCertsPolicy type." -ForegroundColor White
        Add-Type -TypeDefinition  @"
        using System.Net;
        using System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates;
        public class TrustAllCertsPolicy : ICertificatePolicy
             public bool CheckValidationResult(
             ServicePoint srvPoint, X509Certificate certificate,
             WebRequest request, int certificateProblem)
                 return true;

        Write-Host "TrustAllCertsPolicy type added." -ForegroundColor Whi…

Chrome not working with Cisco Meeting Server

After some point  in February there seems to have been an update in OpenRTC that causes WebRTC to fail in Chrome browser when you try to join a Space in Cisco Meeting Server 2.x.x.
Both 32/64 bit versiouns of chrome does not work.
After you enter the conference id the browser just hangs in the "connecting" mode for about 25 seconds before you are presented with the login page again.
Seems like Firefox is the only browser that currently works with Cisco Meeting Server 2.x.x.

Have not found a workaround pr date other than using Firefox.

Competella teams up with Audiocodes with Contact center for Cloud

Exciting news!
The swedish based company Competella has for many years provided on prem solutions for contact centers and switchboards.
Now they have announced support for Skype for Business Online as an appliance on top of Audiocodes CloudBond.

Official Announcement from Competella:

We are happy to announce that customers can use our professional Contact Centers and Attendant Console with the Office 365 Skype for Business cloud. Audiocodes and Competella already have a joined solution in production at a customer site, where the Competella Contact Center solutions was successfully implemented on top of the Cloudbond 365 appliance. Competella has joined the 3rd party validation partnership program with Audiocodes and will perform stress tests to complete the certification.

Mini computer and conference speaker all-in-one from HP

This is one of the coolest concepts I've seen this year. HP has made a modular concept called Elite Slice that no more than 16,5x16,5cm.
The modules can be stacked on to of each other and it looks really great.
This is basically a mini-computer, speaker (Bang&Olufsen), optical unit, wireless charging pad and more integrated in a stackable modular system.
This reduces the need for cables and contents can be shared via wifi.
Best off all it according to HP integrates well with Skype for Business.
It even has a custom cover to fit Skype for Business usage.

If you want to know more go to HP: